Shannon Rose Bartels A Graphic Designer.

This is a collection of my work from the past three years. Relax and enjoy!

Pigment by Pantone


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Who I amWhy I love being a Designer!


Hello my name is Shannon Rose Bartels.  I am a Graphic Designer from Long Island, New York. I graduated Northport High School in May of 2012 and then went on to start my college career at Iona College. It is here that I came to find my love for design. After Discovering this I transfered back home to attened Suffolk Community College where I graduated with my AAS in Graphic Design. I currently am a student in the Digital arts and Design department at Long Island University post and am on track to graduate May 2018.

For myself I find design to be very interesting and entertaining. As time has gone on for me the one thing I have learned is to allow myself to try different ideas. I have learned to not always go with my first instinct and think outside the box.